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Ets MAJOIS sprl - Buvrinnes - Grossiste en produits métallurgiques

Motorised door

Would you like to install a motorised door or a gate? The MAJOIS sprl Ets, situated in the region of Binche, are at your disposal. We have a supplier specialised in the domain: FAAC. It presents a complete and avant-garde range that meets the requirements of every client from the residential, industrial or tertiary sector. FAAC designs and produces the automatisms and control electronics entirely within the company for all the marketed products.


We offer automatisms for:

  • Your sliding gates.
  • Your hinged gates
  • Your garage doors
  • Your industrial doors
  • etc.

Discover the Faac Benelux catalogue.

Would you like us to be a part of your plans for a motorised door near Binche? Situated in Buvrinnes, you can contact us by telephone or via e-mail.