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From 1st July 2014,

The EN 1090 standard concerning the manufacturing of metal structures has come into force.
The EN 1090 certification is mandatory for all the companies in the domain of metal construction for building and construction.

All the input metal construction elements required to construct a building, or even a simple house, must meet the criteria of the EN 1090-1 / 2 standard.

Please note that, from today, the Majois establishments, after having been audited and certified, meet the requirements of the EN 1090-1 /2 standard, execution class 2 (EXC2).

This means that all the components, welded as well as unwelded, that go out from our workshop have been manufactured in compliance with the criteria meeting this European standard that has been made
MANDATORY from 1 July 2014.

What is the EN 1090 standard?

It is a harmonised standard, i.e. an entire series of specifications to be applied, that will bear upon all the companies that manufacture products of metal construction for building and construction.

Any component that is involved, in whole or in part, in a building construction product, be it a metal frame or a railing should bear a CE marking.
To this end, the company has set up a system that ensures the quality and traceability of products and production. 
Then, the company will be audited for it to be “EN 1090”-certified.
The entire welding section, from the supply of raw materials to quality control, should be monitored by a welding coordinator (RWC – Responsible Welding Coordinator), who is from inside or outside the company.
There are several welding coordinator levels depending on the requirements of the manufactured products.

If you are an architect or an entrepreneur, you will be subject to these regulations.
From 1 July 2014. “Majois sprl [private limited company] ETS”, which are the only ones to be authorised in the region so far are at your disposal to create your welded assemblies, under the guidance of our qualified welding coordinator, in accordance with this new legislation or to provide you with a raw material that is certified with respect to this new standard.

Contact-us for any additional information about these standards and our steel products.